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Today I show you my 2019 spring Diesel jeans with slits and I talk to you about Be a Follower, the Diesel ad campaign that meditates on the world of influencers and that also represents my thoughts. Find out with me.

jeans donna diesel con spacchi

My 2019 spring Diesel jeans are called D-Izzie and they are the top model of the new S/S 2019 collection. They are really original. High at the waist and with side slits that create volume and fluidity, they also have the gift of making a beautiful B-Side even to those who, like me, do not have one.

I must admit that this model of 2019 spring Diesel jeans is the real star of the whole look and I will show you them combined even in different looks because I think they are very versatile.

During the Diesel Per Fedez evening, that was held in the Diesel store in Rome in March and of which you saw the stories on my Instagram account, I wore my 2019 spring Diesel jeans, along with the T-Jacky-C T-Shirt and the men bomber J-Akio,

A really important evening for my city as there are very few events here, in particular it made me really happy to see Renzo Rosso as a person I respect a lot.

And precisely because I respect him a lot, I was also enchanted by the Be a Follower advertising campaign that makes us reflect a lot on the role of influencers and their future.

And I see myself a lot in it: the campaign focuses on the self-irony of some international influencers that are taken up in some common situations such as eating or traveling and that they can’t do with agility because they are harnessed by the need to do everything with a social eye .

So while the others are eating quietly, the influencers take pictures of food and when it comes to traveling they don’t travel absolutely light but carry the entire closet with them. And when they have to wash everything they have worn, they collapse exhausted in the laundry.

All set against the “followers” who instead eat with taste, travel light and quickly wash clothes in the bathroom.

So in the end it pays to be followers because at least you enjoy life and above all you can manage your time to the fullest.

And looking at what I do every day I find myself fully in this thought.

Sometimes it really seems to me that I left a demanding job for another equally challenging one and it’s not exactly what I wanted.

But then the question is? How long will the phenomenon of fashion influencers last? Will it go out like a candle or will it evolve so much that it will take unexpected and perhaps even more extreme folds?

The influencer marketing is today one of the most quoted strategies but how much will it resist? It is a question that we in the sector should start asking ourselves now, don’t you think?

Ph. Credits Claudia Frijo

jeans diesel primavera 2019

bomber uomo diesel primavera 2019

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