2019 fall fashion trends, flounces

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Unfortunately, summer is really over, let’s console ourselves by taking a look at the most popular of 2019 fall fashion trends, flounces!

They kept us company throughout the last spring-summer season BUT … flounces will also be displayed among the 2019 fall fashion trends.

Fortunately, I would say, since I bought a lot of dresses with flounces!

Among these I found one that is also perfect for the fall.

It’s short, black and has flounces! A little black dress with flounces!

2019 fall fashion trends talk about folk style

The folk style continues to rage even among the 2019 fall winter fashion trends.

Folk clothes can be midi, mini or long the important thing is that they are fluid and fluctuating.

The flounces become the protagonists, once again, both on the dresses as well as on the skirts, trousers and sweaters!

I went ahead and bought lots of clothes with flounces, I have a lot of them by now and this one from Babylon is just the latest arrival!

Here you see it worn in a summer version with Gardini Spirit sandals but this winter I already see it paired with a pair of Texan boots and an ecological fur.

How to match flouncy dresses this fall 2019

2019 fall fashion trends once again offer us cowboy boots and fringes, so a possible combination is dressed with flounces + boots + bag with fringes.

If you don’t like folk style, you can also combine flounces with a pair of pumps or a pair of wide-heeled boots.

I would avoid wearing stilettos because they wed badly with flounces and above all, if the dress is long …. you risk getting caught in the ruffles and have a nice flight: exactly as I did some time ago !!

The result, I assure you, is disastrous!

Another possible combination is with knee-high boots, especially if the dress is asymmetrical or short.

Another important detail is to emphasize the waistline with a belt. Thin or high it doesn’t matter, what matters is that it makes us look sinuous!

In short, apparently we must resign ourselves, summer is slipping through our fingers and autumn is upon us all.

Personally, I hate the cold and dark season, if it were for me I would move immediately to Los Angeles where the climate is mild all year round.

Unfortunately it is not possible to realize this dream at the moment but I do not give up. Sooner or later I’ll succeed in the enterprise!


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2019 fall fashion trends

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    This dress is beyond wonderful, I loved it !! I still have nothing of this trend, but I like it very much !! Your tips are precious and I wouldn’t know how to combine but I think it looks wonderful with some cowboy boots !!


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