2018 summer trends, check prints

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2018 summer trends : check prints. For a country and sporty style that we can also make very feminine and stylish playing on the right accessories to match. Here’s how I wore my chemisier dress.
tendenze moda estate 2018

2018 summer trends means check prints!

There is plenty of choice as regards the colors and the type of checks; big, small, very small.

I like every kind of them, it depends a bit on the type of garment to wear.

For example, I love the vichy check prints in soft colors. I find them very feminine and romantic.

For a more sporty look, instead I prefer larger check prints, like the chemisier I decided to wear for a trip to the Castle of Sarteano, in Val D’Orcia in Tuscany.

Luckily with me, in addition to Uffa who ran happily in the garden of the Rocca, there was my Knight, who more than once caught me back because I had the unhappy idea to put a pair of sandals with very high wedge! Extremely uncomfortable to climb between the pebbles and the narrow streets on the slopes of Sarteano.

I decided to wear my checked chemisier over a pair of skinny jeans because it’s definitely too short on the front … I’m not old enough for some things !!!

I then put a high waist belt, while the one in the chemisier fabric I used it as a hair band, also making a nice bow. Do you like it?

The last touch to this outfit is given by my new Ynot fuchsia bag!

Following the 2018 summer trends is simple and fun enough to put even a little imagination and customize our looks as we like best.


  • Tips of the day:
    2018 summer trends say that , in addition to the checkered fantasy and straw hat there is also the straw bag, but I will talk about it very soon! I bought one that is lovely and I can not wait to show it to you.
  • Still undecided about where to go on vacation? I recommend you the beautiful holidays in Tuscany
  • In the holiday suitcase you can not miss a unique and original t-shirt. Why not choose the one of the (s) fashion collection?

tendenze moda estate 2018

tendenze moda estate 2018

tendenze moda estate 2018

2018 summer trends


Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

Beauty blogger, fashion blogger, fashion events Roma Sono Esmeralda, cugina di Francesca e sorella di Gianluca! Sono femmina e come tutte le femmine che nessuno si azzardi a non farmi studiare una qualsiasi vetrina con abiti, borse, scarpe e gingilli vari. Anche quella gran sfigata di Cenerentola ha puntato tutto su una scarpina e guardate cosa ha acchiappato: principe e regno con tanti omini e donnine che le lustrano le scarpe e le stirano i vestiti!

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  1. Hello
    That’s why when I go for a walk I always take two pairs of shoes, one for the photo shooting and another more comfortable to walk around ahahha.
    I like this type of shirt-dress and I also like the fabric print, I find it very young and modern and would also wear it like skinny jeans.



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