2018 spring summer dresses

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Today we take a look at the 2018 spring summer dresses, what are the trends to follow, which colors to choose and above all …. maxi, midi or mini dress? The choice is based on one’s body and personality. Let’s see together how to choose your ideal dress.

Here we are: the good season has arrived and it’s time to think about the 2018 spring summer dresses . How to choose the right one?

Here are some useful tips to be fashionable and beautiful!

The new trends for the 2018 spring summer dresses have no rules regarding the length: if you have a boho chic soul you can opt for a maxidress, if you feel romantic you can choose a knee-length dress, with delicate colors and floral applications like the one I wear. It belongs to the spring summer collection of Via Veneto Gold Collection by Franco Ciambella and can only be found on HSE24. If you are young and have a good pair of legs then go for a minidress above the knee. Without exaggerating though !!!

What colors to choose for 2018 spring summer dresses ? Ultra violet, yellow, pink or the classic little black dress with which you go without fail, regardless of your hair color or complexion.

What accessories can we combine? Bet on the necklaces, possibly many. Or on important bracelets. I’m the must have of this spring summer 2018! As you know, I became a big fan of Joy Boho Jewels bijoux because I have to say that they “decorate” any outfit!

I’m writing this post in Malta, while these photos were taken in Thailand, in the beautiful Hotel Legendha in Sukhothai.

I must say that we took a taste for traveling, it was now 18 years that I was not making a holiday in the spring. This is the beauty of having chosen a job that I can manage independently.

Tips of the day:

  • The 2018 spring summer dresses are not so different from those you probably already have in your closet. Before spending unnecessary money try to see if you do not already have something in your wardrobe
  • A practical example is the maxidress: looking at some old post I realized that I really have a lot of them. Look here (and please do not laugh), here and here. I hope I have given you a few laughs with these relics from the first years of life of this blog!
  • Tonight cook the pasta with olives, tuna and tomato .

vestiti primavera 2018

vestiti primavera 2018

2018 spring summer dresses


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