2018 sneakers, how to choose the right one?

Here are some tips on how to choose the most beautiful 2018 sneakers! Let’s have a look together with the new Hogan A / W 18 19 collection that I discovered on Massaboutique!

Who invented the sneakers is definitely a genius, but among the most beautiful 2018 sneakers  the genius is Hogan that with its new A / I 18 19 collection launches into the future while keeping a close connection with the past.

Hogan’s men’s line reinterprets historical icons such as Interactive, the H383 and H321 models, while the women’s line, instead, aims at futuristic details, like metallic leather and makes the Maxi Platforms a must have.

When it comes to choosing between 2018 sneakers, for sure we have to keep in mind a few simple ideas:

The sneakers must be comfortable and the fit must be perfect. These are the shoes we use to move and shop for example, so they must support the backbone in order to avoid overloading.

Even the eye wants its part: I’m not a big lover of sneakers, I have a few but good ones. Of course the ones I have are very feminine and glam. As for me, one of the biggest stylistic errors I often see around is that of combining an extremely sporty shoe with a glam chic look. It literally makes me jump on the chair!

That’s why if I have to choose between 2018 sneakers I prefer to rely on a brand that of elegance has made a pride, such as Hogan.

Among the models of the new collection that intrigued me most stands out the platform model proposed in many variations such as the gold one of Hogan Capsule, in leather with suede inserts and Hogan logo stitched.

Or the H352 maxi models in silver or gold that slender the leg and can be worn even in the most elegant settings.

For the most daring women I found the maxi H352 model in white leather and multicolor platform. For example, these I see very well with T shirt and jeans because they can enrich a very basic look.

On the other hand, if you’re already thin and high on a lower sneaker like the H380 model, in smooth leather and with a super chic detail, the pearls are applied on the side! This type of model is fine both worn with jeans and a maxi skirt for example.

Finally, for the more sporty, here is the Hogan Active One model in silver leather with black glitter inserts!

Basically, when it comes to choosing among 2018 sneakers remember always for what purpose you want to use them and find the right compromise between comfort and aesthetics.

I think that for Christmas I will give one of the maxi models and you?

2018 sneakers

Tips of the day

  • The super sports sneakers, those used in the gym every day so to speak, are not shoes to use for everyday life. Meanwhile, for a matter of hygiene, if they are gym shoes, it means that the foot sweats inside and second for a question of aesthetics: unless you go to work in the suit strongly discouraged.
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