Today I talk about my experience with Tribella, the latest arrival at Venus. A treatment that combines three different actions that act in synergy, here are the results I got and my opinion.venus tribella

As you know I’m following a rejuvenation path that does not involve the use of plastic surgery. After Venus Legacy and Venus Viva  I also tried Tribella, the latest arrival at Venus Treatments.

Using three applicators with different modes of action, TriBella exploits the synergy of three technologies simultaneously improving skin trophism, the overall appearance of the complexion and the texture of the skin.

How does Tribella work and what actions does it do? Essentially, there are 3 technologies that combined produce an exponential effect.

Photorejuvenation: For the treatment of benign pigmented and vascular lesions. Pulsed light improves the appearance of an uneven skin tone and eliminates sunspots. The light is selectively absorbed by hemoglobin and melanin to act against vascular and pigmented lesions. The result is a younger and brighter skin.

Anti-aging: Increases collagen production to reduce relaxation cutaneous, attenuate the appearance of fine and deep wrinkles. It is, in effect, the Venus Legacy. TriBella applicators for anti-aging treatments use a combination of energy to produce heat beneath the surface of the skin, encouraging the production of collagen and elastin fibers. The result is a more relaxed and smoother skin, without thin and deep wrinkles

Skin resurfacing: It improves and smoothes skin imperfections such as scars from acne and other scars, rosacea, uneven texture, enlarged pores, discoloration and pigmentation.

The TriBella applicators for skin resurfacing are those of Venus Viva and improve the texture through the energy emitted by tiny tips that create only micro-lesions of the epidermis with minimal impact on the surrounding tissues. In the healing process, the skin is naturally induced to produce collagen for a total and complete skin renewal.

The duration of each session is about 1 hour and a half but the good news is that the number of treatments is limited: 1, maximum 3 in particularly complex cases.

I arrived to do the Tribella treatment with a skin already treated with Venus Legacy and Venus Viva and therefore already in good condition of tone and smoothness but I still lacked an important part.

For years now I had a telangiectasia, or a skin spot caused by the dilation of some capillaries. With the foundation I managed to minimize its appearance but without really seeing it.

The most amazing result I got with Tribella is precisely that of the disappearance of telangiectasia accompanied by a further improvement in the appearance of the skin that now no longer has discoloration and above all no longer presents dilated pores. And for me that I live with my super big pores for years I guarantee you that it is a real revolution.

I have been able to appreciate the results after 1 month from treatment and are continuously improving.

Waiting to do a further and final treatment with Tribella, I’m doing maintenance sessions with Venus Legacy and in this experience I dragged along the whole team of The Fashion Mob, each for a specific goal, Fabrizia for stretch marks, Ida for the belly and Nadia for wrinkles on her knees (only she could notice them).

Follow us in our path and you will see how it is not always necessary to resort to plastic surgery!

venus tribella opinioni

venus tribella opinioni

venus tribella opinioni



venus tribella opinioni

venus tribella opinioni


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