Valentine’s day 2019 beauty tips

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Valentine’s Day 2019, beauty ideas to celebrate the day dedicated to love. Hair, make up, hands … Here are some simple ideas to feel beautiful!san valentino 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019, do you already have any idea how to celebrate this day? Are you out for dinner by candlelight or for a romantic evening at home?

Personally I prefer to celebrate this holiday dedicated to love with a dinner at home, cooking something special, beautify the table with heart-shaped objects and of course lighted candles to make it all romantic and intimate.

Obviously I do not want to be found by my Knight in Cinderella version before the dance!

And since I’m not lucky enough to have available the fairy godmother I start my beauty routine with a nice hot bath, with Epsom salts that deflate a lot!

The dress that we decided to wear will fit us so perfectly!

I also recommend a face mask while we are in the tub. Have you ever tried the triple-action facial mask of the Erbolario hyaluronic acid?

Now we are ready to dedicate ourselves to our make up!

I recommend to dare a little more for the occasion, and above all do not forget to have perfect hands … you might be getting a ring !!!

For this Valentine’s Day 2019 I received, as every month, the beauty box of Mybeautybox dedicated to the occasion of the day of love.

It’s called “Share the Love” and contains various products designed for our beauty and also a little surprise for our “rider”!

It is always an emotion to receive a box every month dedicated to beauty, not only because you never know what will be inside (and I love the surprises!) But above all because you always have the certainty of receiving the latest news and products best in the beauty world.

Here home contains the Share The Love box of Mybeautybox:

Eyeliner Pencil by Sumita Cosmetics: ideal for a defined or nuanced look, it is waterproof, without parabens and can be applied both inside and outside the eye;
Mesauda Milano Gloss Glossary: ​​with a soft and super shiny texture;
Extreme Long Lasting Enamel of Estrose: professional enamel with extreme hold, dries quickly and maintains a formidable shine;
Deo Control Spray Talc by Bioclin: fragrant spray deodorant, delicate and effective for the whole day;
Tenax hair brightener: a little thought for him for compact and sculpted hair. Excellent perfume and very nice vintage packaging.
It seems to me that there is everything to live the Valentine’s Day 2019 full of beauty and love.


san valentino 2019

valentine's day 2019 beauty tips

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Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

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