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Today I want to talk about the results I got through the radiofrequency treatment and what are the best ones to do. To tell you about it I show myself, again without make up!

Today everybody are looking for a radiofrequency treatment. What are the best treatments in circulation?

I will tell you my experience with the combined treatment of Venus Legacy and Venus Viva, a journey started 7 months ago and that gave me great satisfaction so much to show me in all these photos ….. without a trickle of makeup!

I started with Venus Legacy, a non-invasive face radiofrequency, which uses the Multi-Polar Radio Frequency technology (in synergy with Pulsed Magnetic Fields) to stimulate the production of collagen at the level of the dermis, then the deeper tissues, obtaining an effect of “plumping” immediately perceptible and visible

Here you can see the before and after 4 face radiofrequency treatments with Venus Legacy.

After talking with the Venus Concept experts we then opted for the combination of Venus Legacy + Venus Viva, to obtain an even more evident and complete effect.

Venus Viva uses the Fractional Nano Radio Frequency emitted through the needles of the tip of the gun you see in the videos: these reach 500 microns deep and create micro-lesions in the epidermis, thus causing ablation and accelerating the coagulation process.

To put it more simply, the radiofrequency treatment Venus Viva acts on the superficial layers of the skin, creating small thermal traumas that stimulate the most superficial fibroblasts to produce collagen and inducing a micro-exfoliation that guarantees skin cell renewal.

The two combined treatments thus ensure complete work on all skin layers and the final effect is that of a more trophic, uniform and rejuvenated skin, with a smoother and homogeneous appearance.

What could I appreciate about myself:

  • Re-treatment of the skin in the submandibular and nasolabial tract, before I looked like a mastiff and now I simpli…don’t!
  • Complete elimination of neck wrinkles. Impressive indeed, also because this is a result that can not be achieved with plastic surgery
  • Reduction of expression wrinkles on the forehead
  • Marked improvement of the grain of the skin with consequent reduction of pores and discolorations.

So much are evident the results that even my friends  told me that I definitely changed skin!

Of all this I have to thank three people of the Venus Concept Italia team:

The granitic Lucia who had fun experimenting on my skin (know that I decided to accept after seeing her, she is almost my age and shows 10 years less!)

Giovanna, also called the battleship Potemkin, unsinkable!

Veronica, the sweet, which supports us when we are all together!

To learn more about the various treatments available (there are also those specific to the body) and to book your treatment just consult the Venus Treatments website.

In the meantime I already know that on me the diabolical Lucia is going to try the Tribella treatment ….. if it makes me 3 times beautiful I swear that I kiss a frog!

radiofrequenza viso migliori trattamenti

radiofrequency treatment best in class

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