Smoothee by Homedics, does it work?

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Hands up who doesn’t have cellulite! And if someone has raised it, it has all my envy. For those of you who are like me, here is Smoothee by Homedics. Today I tell you my opinion!
smoothee di homedics recensione

Today I present you Smoothee by  Homedics, a little jewel of technology that I tried to free myself from my nemesis: cellulite!

It afflicts me from puberty and is absolutely independent of weight. The annoying “holes” or orange-peel skin never leave me.

Over the years I have tried them all: from creams to mud, but nothing to do! There is also to say that I am not a constant person and I immediately get bored.

That’s why when I read about Smoothee by Homedics  I was impressed and decided to try it. Today I present my review.

But first of all: how does Smoothee by Homedics work?

This anti-cellulite massager combines two different types of technology: vacuum massage and electrostimulation.

In practice it smoothes the skin and sculpts the muscles at the same time.

But above all … it takes 3 minutes a day and is good for legs, hips, abdomen and arms!

Both the anti-cellulite vacuum massage and the EMS are adjustable according to need, I obviously used the maximum power.

Can you fight cellulite at home?

I’ve been trying  Smoothee by Homedics for a couple of weeks and for now I’ve only seen a smoother skin.

The firming effect is still far away but I am confident and you know why?

Because actually the small electric current is felt, so much that when I pass it on the arms the muscles contract.

Honestly, I never thought that with a device to use at home one could appreciate a real muscle contraction but instead it is so.

I can’t say that the effect of electrostimulation doesn’t bother me a little but it doesn’t hurt and so I will continue to use it.

You should also keep in mind that the muscles of a nearly 50-year-old are very slow to respond and that they struggle to rebuild.

I just have to trust but I really think that Homedics Smoothee can help.

How much  the anti-cellulite massager cost?

Smoothee costs around 130 euros but remains for life, so in perspective it costs a thousand times less than the expensive anticellulite creams I have in my drawer and I’ve accumulated over the years!

I keep you updated on the results!

smoothee di homedics

smothee di homedics

smothee di homedics anticellulite

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