Do you have curly hair like me and do you want to avoid making my own mistakes? Here are 4 useful tips to get a perfect short cut for curly hair!

Year 2014: the (s) fashion blogger decides to make a change to her hair and in agreement with her hairdresser she studies a short cut for curly hair.

You can see the result in the first and second pictures: perfect! Here you can also find other pictures of that cut.

To choose my new short cut for curly hair I had read a few articles online and at the end I had opted for a long bob.

Yes, because I dare to cut everything to zero I’ve never had it.

So I started with a length that still remained acceptable.

The short cut for curly hair we had chosen was asymmetrical: shorter at the back and with the two longer side bands.

When I come back from the holidays, I am possessed by the demon of mad scissor and to obtain a more dramatic asymmetry, I ask my hairdresser to cut even shorter at the nape.

After a few months after I asked to cut even more.

At the end, instead of a long bob I found myself having a short bob and I understood that I made a terrible mistake.

At that point I had two solutions: either opt for extensions or a super short cut, like a pixie cut.

I chose the first option with the hope that sooner or later my hair, protected by the extensions, regrow.

But in reality, if you were braver than me and you wanted to try a real short cut for curly hair, know that the web is full of inspiration, like this article of Testanera, in which I found some very useful tips to cut hair short.

Here are the 4 tips that struck me the most:

  • Square face? No hair bob but better a layered cut that will soften the lines of the face.
  • Do you have an important nose? Opt for bangs, it will help to divert attention from your bulky “accessory”.
  • If you have a sharp face, choose a cut with sharper lines to add volume.
  • For heart-shaped faces at heart the ideal is a long bangs or the locks falling on the forehead.

In the meantime I am doing everything to make my hair grow back and for this reason I give you one last piece of advice.

If you have a good hairdresser …. listen to him and do not force him to do what you want ….. you would be mistaken for sure as I did!

taglio corto per capelli ricci


short cut for curly hair

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hello Francesca
    I love my long hair, my hairdesser never going to me such a cut like that, he wuold be a dead man
    But I understand the need of change sometimes, and for the hair strengh is very important, and you tips are vey good to avoid mistaques.

    Francesca I m on my way to the hospital to do the genetic study. God help me. At 8 o clock i explain all on my blog.
    Lots of love

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