Since when I discovered from Casa & Co that Equilibra has produced a natural make up line, Love’s Nature, I do not have to touch up my makeup during the day. Do you want to know my opinion? Read here!

Love’s Nature is the natural make up line that I discovered at Casa & Co some time ago.

Together with the friends of The Fashion Mob we had the opportunity to test the products of natural make-up Equilibra and today I will tell you my opinion and because they are truly exceptional. But I’ll tell you this in my own way!

Help, foundation accumulates between wrinkles!

How many times did it happen to me to look like a map at the end of the day? Or rather, a map of the aged treasure? It is definitely the effect of my age but since I use the foundation, powder and blush of Love’s Nature this does not happen to me anymore.

It will be the effect of natural make up that does not stimulate my sebaceous glands but actually I could see that the base holds up all day.

The eyeshadow and lipstick disappear after a few hours

I think I’m the only case in the world to have oily skin on the eyelids, so any eye shadow melts like snow in the sun after an hour.

The eyeshadows and lipsticks of the Equilibra natural make up line, besides having lots of intense colors, are super resistant.

And consider that the fullness of color is not absolutely easy to maintain.

Abolish the dreaded panda effect

I do not know about you, but as soon as I put the kajal I’m mistaken for a panda and bamboo leaves are offered to me. The Chinese would like me in their zoo in Beijing and I’m seriously considering the offer.

The speed of decomposition of the kajal on my eyelids is directly proportional to that of its application.

Since I use Love’s Nature kajal, I have abolished the panda effect even after several hours.

And if you have doubts about what I wrote, just look at these photos. The make up was done in the morning and the photos were taken in the late afternoon.

And if you consider that I do not care so much next to Linda Pani, Miss Equilibra 2017 I would say that I could also make a monument to these products, no?

For completeness of information I add that Love’s Nature by Equilibra is a make-up line based on natural ingredients that contains up to 100% natural ingredients.

All products are tested on sensitive skin and are nickel tested.

But above all …… all the products are Made in Italy!

You can find the Equilibra natural make-up line at all Casa & Co stores or on their online site.

And if you want to know more, just give me a ring. I will be happy to give you more information about my experience.

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