Here are some ideas to get  the perfect nail art for Halloween. All you need to know in one click. Beware and don’t dare, witches are back !!!

October 31 is approaching and here are some ideas to make a really perfect nail art for Halloween!

Like every year, 2018 will also give space to the classic night of witches.

We talk about Halloween, that will take place on October 31st (Wednesday): the clock hands begin to run, so I imagine that most of you will already be looking for the perfect disguise.

Finding a solution for make-up and nail art for Halloween will not be a problem considering the many creative ideas from television and magazines.

But there are always those who do not know how to do, especially to make the nail art for Halloween … so in this article I will offer some useful ideas to do it.

Nail art for the night of witches: care and decoration

The first step to prepare a perfect nail art for Halloween is to have flawless nails, so you can count on nourished and healthy nourishes.

Otherwise, the glazes could cause damage to the nails, making any decoration impossible.

If you have chapped skin problems, take care of your hands with a moisturizing and delicate cream.

If instead you have some nails of a color yellow that can hide for example of the mycosis, it will be necessary to first run for cover using products for mycosis of the nails.

Once you have paid attention to the care of your hands and nails you can proceed with any nail art.

To make the decorations you first have to remove the cuticles, then file the nails and finally apply the transparent enamel, better to proceed with two passes to reinforce them well.

Then apply the black enamel and alternate with an enamel of another color, better clear to contrast.

In black-colored nails draw the decorations with the light enamel and on the others use the black color.

Remember to create themed decorations, such as the shape of the ghost sheet, or a pumpkin shape. Finally, leave the enamel to dry, apply a moisturizer and cuticle oil.

What are the fantasies to play?

There are many nail art options for Halloween, because it is an evening that lends itself particularly to creativity.

One of the most interesting ideas is the scar decoration, in Frankenstein style, to be realized on the lengths of the nails.

Another interesting idea is the nuanced rossonera nail art, from real witches.

Even the black spiderwebs on a burgundy background are really eye-catching from an aesthetic point of view, along with the reproduction of the drops of blood that descend along the nail.

Other ideas to keep in mind are the black and red decorations at Crudelia Demon, and all the various possible and imaginable declinations of a design with the ghosts.

Finally, it is appropriate to remember another solution such as glitter on an orange and black background, and glossy black on a matte black base.

To be impeccable during the night of witches it is necessary to take care of everything to the smallest detail. With these tips decorating your nails yourself will be easy and fun.

nail art for halloween

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