We often overlook them but they are an important part of us. And when they are ill-treated they can also “get sick”. Today I will tell you how to treat dull nails.come curare le unghie opache

How to treat dull nails? And above all, why do it?

Our nails are very important not only for a question of protection but also of aesthetics. Not surprisingly, nails contribute to our appearance to the point of embellishing and completing our look. Unfortunately this often happens to the detriment of their health: frequent manicures and the continuous application of the gel can in fact bring numerous disadvantages. The nails may weaken, fall apart and turn yellow due to the excessive frequency of these treatments. It is however possible to adopt strategies to avoid these consequences and thanks to these, we will be able to protect them and keep them bright, solid and in perfect shape.

So let’s see how to treat dull nails:

Nourishing our nails by feeding ourselves: feeding

Nutrition has always been a very important factor for our multi-level health. It is a speech that can easily be applied to the health of our nails. This is because the production of keratin is directly related to the style of our diet. That’s when we think about how to treat dull nails, the vegetables become precious allies for the health of the nails, all for the massive presence of nutrients such as iron, calcium, zinc, sulfur and silicon. Fish can also be of great help: in this case it is very important to underline the basic role played by Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. However, when food is not sufficient to achieve results, different food supplements can come into play, such as for example those produced by Bioscalin that help make nails shiny and generally healthier.

Take a break from nail polishes to detoxify your nails

Given that the care of food should never fall into the background, even the pauses from the glazes are very important. It is possible to see these moments of break as a real system to “detoxify” the nail plates from the chemical components present in the products of the beauty sector. The continuous application of these products, not by chance, gradually weakens the structure of the nails. The results are the weakness and the opacification of the same: two consequences that it is better to avoid taking a break every now and then. In addition, you can take advantage of these ‘detox’ moments to make your nails shine more: you can do this by using some natural methods such as a mix of olive oil and lemon juice, or essences such as argan oil. Shea butter can also be useful, as well as sweet almond oil and beeswax (typical of Japanese manicure).

I hope that these tips on how to treat dull nails will be useful and remember that well-groomed hands do half the look!

Tips of the day

  • Hands are always in sight and, dear friends, they are incredibly one of the first things a man looks at. Avoid eating your nails !!!!!
  • In addition to the hands we also take care of the body: let’s drink drinking centirifugated detox like those presented in this post
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how to treat dull nails

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  1. Hi Francesca
    My nails health is not very good, as you say our food is very important to the nails health and as you know my diet is very poor in all these vitamins, although I take vitamins in pills. My nails are yellow. And so I use only normal nail polish, I don’t do gel manicure not to weaken them even more with the chemicals. But I don’t care about it, it’s just a detail with which I live well. But I know people who abuse the nail gel and as you say should take a break.
    I hope you have a good week ahead of you.


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