How to take a shower in summertime

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Taking a shower in the summer I think it’s one of the most pleasant gestures of the day. The heat forces us to wash often and so it is essential to  take a shower using delicate and natural products like the new YOPE bubble bath!fare la doccia

To take a shower in the summer is absolutely essential. I do it often, even more than once a day because I can not stand the heat and I would like to emigrate to cool places where it’s impossible to sweat!

So far, however, there have never been any redemption and so I organized myself with air conditioning at home, in the car, fans in the bag and even a Chinese umbrella! And above all … I do my best not to go out during the hottest hours (as they advise all the news every summer … ahahahaha).

Understand well, then, how important it is for me to be able to take a shower whenever I feel the need, I often do it too cold to try the taste of feeling, for a few minutes, the desire for warmth!

Taking a shower with the right foam bath is essential to not overburden the skin and risk unpleasant irritation. For this reason I always use delicate and natural products like those of the new YOPE Natural Shower Gel line, made up of three fragrances to try.

Yunnan refreshing and regenerating gel with black and green tea extracts rich in polyphenols, mineral salts and vitamins B, C, K and P with regenerating and strengthening properties.

Coconut and moisturizing and relaxing gel sea salt with complex microelements and minerals. Perfect for dry and delicate skin.

Rose and Boswellia nourishing gel with its unique and relaxing fragrance also perfect for mature skin.

All YOPE natural shower gels contain a complex of gentle cleaning ingredients obtained from coconut oil, palm kernel (ingredient with Ecocert certificate) and corn. They gently wash and moisturize the skin, leaving it smooth and moisturised. Ideal for sensitive and even delicate skin.

YOPE products are distinguished by two characteristics: natural formulations (recipes with over 90% natural ingredients, without parabens, SLS, SLES and silicones) and pleasant and long-lasting fragrances.

I put them all in my bathroom, so every time I decide to take a shower, I can choose which one to use.

And how many showers do you take in the summer?


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Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

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