how to fight sweat in the summer

Embarrassing yes, also preventable. Here are some practical tips on how to fight sweat in the summer and feel fresh at all times.come combattere il sudore in estate

How to fight sweat in the summer? This is probably a question that many will have asked themselves. Today I will try to give you some practical advice to stay fresh and fragrant even in summer.

But first let’s go to the root of the problem: why do we sweat?

What is experienced by many of us as an embarrassing phase, is actually the result of a very important physiological mechanism. In practice, sweat is used to start the thermoregulation of our body.

I do not love it  either, but it must be said, however, that without it our body could not keep its functions properly.

Of course, we are not all the same: some women sweat more than others, and the smell could also be more penetrating in certain cases. That’s why today I will explain how to fight sweat in the summer!

Freshness always starts with good hygiene
The first advice I want to give you on how to fight sweat in the summer is also the most obvious: in the absence of proper hygiene, it is virtually impossible to stay fresh and fragrant at any time of year, not just in summer. The skin always requires a careful cleaning phase, above all to avoid that it can then alter the pH of the skin. For this reason, every woman should always choose a neutral detergent and avoid those that are too fragrant.

Choose the deodorant in the correct way
Even the second suggestion might seem rather obvious when in fact
it is not at all. How to choose the deodorant in the correct way? First of all, letting go of the low cost products, and then also understanding the difference with the antiperspirant: the first product deodorizes the skin, while the second one prevents the sweat from leaking out. If we talk about the former, it is possible, for example, to choose deodorants without aluminum and parabens like those of Nivea, or even totally bio deodorants. The ntiperspirants, however, could cause skin irritation to women with skin

Apply the deodorant in the evening
Given that there is no wrong time to use the deodorant, it goes anyway
said it is preferable to use it in the evening. I advise you to do it, especially for one reason:
applying it before going to sleep, you will give it time to better adhere to the skin.
Better to avoid applying them when you are sweating or your body has already reached one high temperature, because this would make them less effective.

Use cotton clothes
This is a rule that I implore you to follow, especially in very hot seasons as summer. The cotton clothes are great for containing perspiration and odors unpleasant: this is because they allow the perspiration of the skin and absorb the sweat, avoiding the possibility of starting the skin maceration process!

Avoid heavy foods and spices
“Normal” sweat is usually odorless, but nutrition can change dramatically
the cards on the table. Better to avoid heavy eating, and to resort to food from the fort
hints like spices, garlic and onions. This is a really valuable advice, for
“To soften” the sense of smell.

I hope these tips on how to fight sweat in the summer have been useful and remember that the skunks are as cute as unwanted 🙂

Tips of the day

Today we give you only one tip! Cook the tomatoes with rice, perfectly balanced dish and above all suitable for summer!

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