How to dye your hair at home

Today I will tell you how to dye your hair at home and choose the right color. Yes, because dyeing is a child’s play, but choosing the right color, at least for a redehead like me, is a real puzzle! As my tragicomic past experience shows.

how to dye your hair at homeHaidyer at the time of the coronavirus. With the hairdressers closed and the white hair moving forward, one has to cope with the following question: how to dye your hair at home and, above all, how to pick the right color.

Especially if your name is Selvaggia Capizzi and you have a previous history of wrong colors.

How to dye your hair at home and avoid picking the wrong color then?

Let me tell you a story: that of a girl born with red hair who at 14 years of age decided to throw herself in a demijohn of hydrogen peroxide to become blonde and who at 23 years of age instead decides to go red again.

To do this, the young girl buys the hair dye at the supermarket looking only at the hair color of the model portrayed on the package.

And she does not even read the instructions. The result? Red on the roots (which in the meantime had grown back) and fuchsia on the tips (which were still blonde).

During the night, the pink-haired fairy grabs a pair of nail scissors and cuts away all the fuchsia part (which would have been very fashionable today), presenting herself, the next day, in front of her father with a latest fashion bob haircut !!!

How could I have avoided this mistake? Simply by documenting myself first. Having partially bleached hair, if I had read the instructions I would have known that the color had to be stretched on the tips only in the last 10 minutes to avoid the turn towards fuchsia!

So when thinking about how to do your hair at home the first thing you need to be careful of is reading the instructions and choosing the color according to the scheme that is depicted on the back of the package.

In this case I chose 7.43 or dark coppery blonde, my natural color from prehistoric times. If you look carefully, you will notice that the color of the model is lighter than mine, that’s why I tell you to look at the back of the package in which the result to be expected is clearly indicated based on the starting color.

I already had a basic red hue so my final color is darker than that of the model. It is not said, however, that I will not try 6.4 or the coppery honey blonde.

In the past I had also used Casting Creme Gloss, but the end result, having made a mistake in the color, had been excessively dark even if I must say that it had not in the least ruined the hair.

Is it possible to tame your locks without the help of a hairdresser?

Until a couple of months ago I would have said no.

I have been fighting with my curly hair and hair dryer since I was little.

In fact, I’ll tell you another funny story. Do you know what my mother’s method was to straighten my hair and avoid frizz?

After washing my hair, she wrapped the central lock on a roll of toilet paper and then began to comb the hair around it as if it were a turban, After which he put the hairnet on it and put me under a kind of thermic cap like this hahahahahahahahahahaha !!!

Today, however, I found the solution, first I use this hairbrush that literally changed my life, it really works! To consolidate the result and not ruin the hair, I use the Revamp Progloss Touch Digital straightener.

Do you like the final result? What do you say we promote the hairdresser in me?

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dye your hair at home

dye your hair at home

dye your hair at home

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