Eye contour after 40: 4 tricks to make them look younger

Today I tell you how to rejuvenate the eye contour after 40: there are 4 tricks that will make you look like 30 year old eyes even if you are 50! Read here!

eye contour after 40Let’s get right to the point: how can we rejuvenate the eye contour after 40? From my own personal experience, I can say that two elements are fundamental to look younger: the jaw line and the gaze: the first weighs 40% and the second the remaining 50%.

For the contour of the face I suggest you read this post where I talk about the famous masks for the V Line or special masks that help dissolve the double chin and improve the tone of the skin that covers the jaw. To date, it is the only method, beyond plastic surgery, that has given me any results.

How to rejuvenate the eye contour after 40 without surgery?

I suffered a lot, because due to a strong hormonal imbalance I saw my body give way in a few months.

Eventually I found myself with a lot of sagging skin all over, especially on the eyelids and chin. Not to mention the nose that had widened a lot like when I was a teenager. In short, a disaster.

Luckily the nose is back to normal but if you want to see my eyes first click here or here terrible, right? Here’s what I did to rejuvenate the eye contour after 40!

  1. Apply the eye contour cream by Officine Kosmetike in the morning and in the evening: THAT has COMPLETELY removed my dark circles, deflated the bags under the eyes and opened my eye !!! And when I say open I mean that if before I looked like a basset hound or that I had two shutters instead of eyelids, after the first two months I found myself with eyes like these. An incredible step forward don’t you think? When I compare the two series of photos taken a few months apart, I am shocked! It is a product I will never part with again and I get anxious when it is about to end. But you have to be constant: morning and evening, morning and evening.
  2. Using the Smoothies,  high grip patches that are used to smooth out wrinkles with a system so simple that I am ashamed not to have invented it! In practice, they mechanically prevent the contraction of facial muscles thus relaxing wrinkles. THEY WORK !! Better than botox, but helloooooo??They cost a thousand times less. I put them on before going to sleep and leave them all night. Obviously the effect is not permanent but increases with daily use.
  3. Reshape the eyebrows with microblading. I did it at Philbrows and Karen said a great truth: perfect eyebrows are better than plastic surgery. My face has changed completely since I did it and although the effect tends to diminish over time, I still have a base to follow with the pencil. I am really very happy with them!
  4. And if you really want a wow effect, follow the advice my friend Stefania gave me: laser blepharoplasty. Today, blepharoplasty is a routine operation that still leaves a natural look. It seems to be very popular in Hollywood. But it is still an operation: if you are afraid of  the blade or you want to avoid anesthesia, just contact an expert! Obviously, in this case more sessions must be done while with the surgery no (but the course is longer).

Why should a woman aim for a younger gaze?

While for men the drooping eyelid is immediately sexy, for women it is different.

Younger eyes will help distract your suitor from any other small imperfections!

As they say: “I just look at her eyes” !!!

How are you getting older?

occhi dopo i 40 anni

occhi dopo i 40 anni

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