Effective anti-wrinkle facial treatment

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Are you looking for an anti-wrinkle facial treatment that really works? I finally managed to find my allies to get my facial skin toned, firm and glowing!

trattamento antirughe viso

Finding your own anti-wrinkle facial treatment is often an arduous and expensive task. A bit like finding a great mascara or the perfect foundation!

For those who, like me, have overcome the “door”, know very well what it means to have in your beauty routine products for the anti-wrinkle facial treatment that are valid and above all effective.

Over the years, the skin tends to lose tone, to be more dehydrated and dull.

The skin on my face has become very dry, especially after cleansing pulls and is not very elastic.

That’s why I’m always looking for an anti-wrinkle facial treatment that can give me good results.

I have been using the Secret D’excellence box set from Galénic Paris for a few days now.

These are two exceptional treatments:

The Secret D’excellence Cream and Serum.

Two formidable allies to combat the signs of time!

I must say that the first thing that struck me was their perfume; a discreet floral bouquet of lily of the valley, rose and blackcurrant flower. A very delicate fragrance, which immediately manages to emanate a sensation of pure well-being.

The same sensation that you feel once you have spread the two products on your face.

I immediately felt my skin softer and fresher.

The thing that surprised me the most, after applying the serum and cream, was the feeling of deep hydration and softness that I felt the next morning.

Usually, in fact, the morning was always the time when my face was dehydrated and dull.

Thanks to the combination of Galénic’s Secret D’excellence anti-wrinkle facial treatment, when I wake up, my skin feels soft, smooth, firm and perfectly hydrated.

The secret of these two products? Definitely their composition.

The main active ingredient
Snow Algae: on the highest peaks of the glaciers, where there is no human presence, Snow Algae survives where life is rare. It is buried in the snow to withstand the most extreme conditions on the planet and uses the cold to stop its biological clock. This alga has the exceptional power to create molecules of “longevity” that can challenge the signs of time passing.

Complementary active ingredients
– Vitamins (B3, E and C) to brighten the complexion, protect against free radicals and even out skin texture.
– Hyaluronic acid combined with glycerine to moisturize and replump the skin.
– Optical suspended powdered agents for a perfect mattifying effect and a refined skin texture.

The formulation
In order for the Snowflake to fully preserve its effectiveness, the Galénic Master-formulator has developed a tailor-made galenic structure called Cristal Fusion.  This snowflake-like structure encloses the Snowflake Algae until it comes into contact with the skin. It then blends with the warmth of the skin with a cascading effect.

The Galénic Secret D’excellence box set contains a real treasure trove of studies, science and active ingredients of absolute excellence.


trattamento antirughe viso efficace

trattamento antirughe viso

anti-wrinkle facial treatment

Tips of the day:

  • For a healthy and bright skin, in addition to excellent cosmetic products, it is essential to drink a lot of water, to give it the right moisture and softness.
  • Even a healthy diet is essential. Try the quinoa recipe with vegetables and roe.
  • That’s why beauty influencers over 40 are so popular on social networks!
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