Disposable face masks, are they truly effective?

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Now it’s time for disposable face masks! Are they truly effective? How are they used and which ones to buy? I’ve tried some and the best is is … I’ll tell you below!

Disposable face masks have become, for some time now, the most loved beauty treatment and used by beauty addicts and more.

But what are disposable face masks? They are simply the modern version of the classic beauty masks, made of shaped fabric, soaked with different substances.

Which ones to buy? Those with the most suitable formula for our skin. We can choose the moisturizing, refreshing, emollient, carbon, or soaked with anti-wrinkle serums, firming and lifting effect, the Korean ones and those in the shape of animals.

The choice is vast and the news are always around the corner!

I regularly use moisturizers, because my skin is basically dry and dehydrated. And among those that I tried, my favorite is, in absolute, that of Filorga! But given the cost (about € 11) alternating with others decidedly cheaper but still effective.

The disposable face masks are very comfortable to use.

The packages are disposable and there are all kinds and prices. So we can decide to buy various types and always have the mask we need at the moment.

But how do you use disposable face masks?

We must first prepare the skin with a good cleansing and a light scrub, then apply the mask and gently tap it to make it adhere perfectly to the face. Treat yourself to 15 minutes of relaxation, lying comfortably on the sofa, perhaps with a good coffee or herbal tea.

But if we really do not have time, but we still want to pamper our skin, no problem. We also apply our mask while continuing to work on the PC, washing dishes or vacuuming!

One thing, however, you must absolutely avoid … look out of the windowas I did! What a fool with the workers of the building in front. They were petrified! I immediately ran away and did not know what to do. In the end, however, I thought that they would never, eever would have recognized me once dressed, make-up and combed! But I not to go wrong, I went out the next day!

And have you ever tried disposable face masks?


disposable face masks

maschere viso in tessuto usa e getta

Tips of the day:

  • Since disposable face masks contain a lot of product, it always happens that a good quantity remains inside the package. Instead of throwing it I suggest you to spread it on the neck and on the cleavage.
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Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

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