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Who is the Cynical Beautician? I’ve been using Veralab products for about a month and I’m madly in love with it! Do they work? Here is my opinion.estetista cinica pulizia viso

Cynical beautician and VeraLab, a perfect combination to give our face skin an unsurpassable beauty routine.

Personally I have always struggled to find the right products for my skin, which for some years has become dry, dehydrated and in need of special pampering.

For about a month, thanks to the Cynical beautician and its wonderful VeraLab products, my beauty routine has completely changed … better luckily!

I met the Cynical beautician watching a television program in which she dispensed (and still dispenses) very simple tips on how to take care of yourself.

Her candid and “cynical” way of dealing with issues like cellulite and wrinkles immediately won me over and so I started following her on her Instagram profile, where she explains in a very simple way the composition of her creams and above all the importance of knowing and knowing how to read the inci of the products that we want to buy, so as not to take sensational rip-offs!

Creams, oils, gels, muds DO NOT MAKE MIRACLES! If we want to remove wrinkles we must resort to more invasive choices, and ditto for the imperfections of cellulite!

Another miraculous solution, and definitely simpler and faster, as the Cynical beautician suggests, is the use of App with wonderful and harmless filters that make us perfect with just a few clicks, only in photos and videos though. What a pity!

What are the VeraLab products of the cynical beautician I love the most and that I therefore recommend? Surely the dense oil and Magic oil, but also the others I’m using, are absolutely valid!

Make up in the evening, which for me has always been a great sacrifice, has become a very pleasant moment, a real cuddle.

The thing I love the most to do is wash my face with thick oil. It has a very delicate fragrance and its consistency is soft and very pleasant.

Just rub it on your face, do a little massage, even on eyes full of mascara like mine, and in a few seconds the skin is clean and soft.

To complete the cleaning it is advisable to use the wonderful microfibre cloth, also by the Cynical beautician.

It is white, very soft and just wet it on the face to remove any residual makeup. With the cold I suggest you wet it with hot water, squeeze it and then pass it on your face … a real pleasure!

To finish my evening beauty routine I use the Zero wrinkle cream, very rich and therefore perfect for my dry and pulling skin.

I also add a few drops of Magic oil for even deeper hydration.

When my panda like eyebags are very evident, in the evening I do the Brightening eye Mask, a lightening and decongestant eye contour mask, excellent!

In the morning I use the Spumone to wash the face, then the Wonder Roll serum, and the cream Zero Stress. I also add a few drops of Magic Oil when I feel the need.

Cynical beautician and Veralab is a winning combination to create a beauty routine that fully satisfies our skin.

Since I am very comfortable with these VeraLab products for the face, I also bought the famous Epson Slim_me salt bandages. Do you know them? I have yet to try them. Follow me and I will let you know!


estetista cinica pulizia viso

Cynical Beautician

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