Christmas 2018 make up: it’s all about lipsticks

Happy Xmas Eve to you all! Tonight we have to be beautiful and the Christmas 2018 make up is all about lipsticks. Maybelline has created 6 colors that look good on everybody!make up natale 2018

Are you ready for Xmas Eve? Have you already found the Christmas look? It’s time to think about the Christmas 2018 make up and my advice is to focus on lipstick.

Our lips are our best business card. To underline them is important but how to choose the right lipstick?

For Christmas 2018 make up, Maybelline has thought of 6 lipsticks suitable for everyone. Color Sensational Made for All is a range of 6 colors created after testing colors on as many as 2,500 women!

6 universal nuances that adapt to all types of complexions: pink for me, fuchsia for me, mauve for me, plum for me, red for me, ruby ​​for me.

I have chosen to wear plum for me, but I have also tried the others and I have to say that it is true: everyone is fine!

Lips at the top therefore, with creamy and moisturizing lipsticks. How to complete the Christmas 2018 make up at this point?

Blush and eye shadows must adapt to the color of the lipstick, so start with that to decide which shades to use on the eyes and cheeks.

If the lipstick has a pink hue then you can choose silver, purple, pink, lilac, light blue, blue, gray eyeshadows. The blush must obviously be pink.

If the lipstick turns red then the eyeshadow can be bronze, gold, brown or for those who want to dare ….. red!

The phard can be either brown or red.

I would avoid smoky eyes when you wear bright red lipstick. You run the risk of looking like Moira Orfei without having a circus!

Glitter or not glitter? It depends on the context: if you spend your eve time at a friend’s house and the evening is sparkling then you can immerse yourself in a sequin bath.

If, on the other hand, you spend your Christmas Eve, choose a more sober Christmas 2018 make up, since everybody, their uncle and 5 of his closest friends know already know your face!

And for Christmas lunch? One very important piece of advice! Corrector like there’s no tomorrow, with everything you’ve eaten I bet you’ll have two suitcases under your eyes!

Merry Christmas to you all !!!!!

make up natale 2018

Tips of the day

  • If you are desperately looking for ideas for the last minute Christmas menu I suggest you prepare or pasta and beans or pasta and chickpeas.
  • Still undecided about how to dress today or tomorrow? Here are some ideas for the Christmas look!
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