At home teeth whitening with Dr Martin Schwarz Expert

The trend of the moment? At home teeth whitening! I have found a method to whiten your teeth at home in a professional way with Dr. Martin Schwarz whitening gels and today on the blog you can read the full review, my opinion and the way I used them and, above all, the results I got. A real WOW effect!

at home teeth whitening
Before Teeth whitening 

It is not really nice to have yellow teeth, which is why many turn to their dentist to whiten their smile. I have found a way to whiten my teeth at home in a professional way thanks to the at home teeth whitening system of Dr. Martin Schwarz, a Frankfurt oral care brand.

I already had an advantage, in the sense that I stopped smoking for a couple of years, I had already done a teeth whitening with my very patient dentist (hello Umberto) more than a year ago.

But the result had been …. meh ….. in the sense that my teeth being really stained and yellowed (in practice they looked like the fangs of a Savannah lion) the whitening had not produced the classic wow effect! But for sure I had the teeth of when I had only been smoking for 10 years.

You can see the starting point in the photo marked with “Before” …. but it was not enough for me and so I decided to try something else.

Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 38% gel and Bioscaling gel

The thing that impressed me so much about this at home teeth whitening system is the Dr. Martin Schwarz Bioscaling gel which is able to completely eliminate dental plaque. And not going to the dentist every three months is a relief (sorry Umberto, nothing personal).

In addition to this I used the  Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 38% gel whitening system based on carbamide peroxide, which whitens the teeth up to 8 shades, from the first applications and with less discomfort for our gums.

How I used these products:

It is really important to follow the leaflet literally, to avoid burning the gums (transient effect that lasts for a maximum of 12-24 hours) and to obtain the maximum whitening effect.

The Bioscaling gel can be used in two ways:

Either inside the same trays with which you will make the bleaching or by mixing it 50/50 with toothpaste and brushing for 3 minutes.

I chose this solution, to shorten the time and I integrated it with the use of the floss at the end. Well, you know what ? It works.

After the plaque removal session I dried the teeth and filled the trays with the Expert  38% gel and left to act for 30 minutes.

The whitening system Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 38% gel and Bioscaling gel arrives with thermofoam trays, that have to be placed in boiling water and then molded on the teeth but I already had personalized trays that my dentist had given me (thanks Umberto).

The first day I made a mistake, I put too much product and I slightly burned my gums, after which I settled on a minimal amount!

I used it for 2 weeks every 3 days because I didn’t want to be too aggressive with this kind of operation and I didn’t experience hyper sensitivity on the teeth or dry mouth like it can happen with other whitening systems.

Is professional at home teeth whitening  really working?

Well just judge based upon the photo tagged as AFTER, I got the real WOW effect but as I said I already started from a good result. I am very satisfied, the only thing I don’t know is how long this effect will last keeping in mind that I am coffee addicted.

During the period of teeth whitening it is strongly recommended not to drink or eat colored food and I have devised the method of the century to drink at least my usual coffee and milk in the morning ….. I used the straw !!!!

It was time for me to take better care of myself, I admit that I neglected myself for a long time but I finally understood that when you are 40 years old it is no longer so simple to always be in order and fit …..

How about the result I got? Have you ever tried teeth whitening?

at home teeth whitening
Dr. Martin Schwarz Bioscaling gel with the toothpaste
bites in thermofoam modellabili
Thermofoam bites
sbiancare i denti a casa
Custom made dental trays with teeth whitener Expert 38%
bites personalizzati con lo sbiancante per i denti Expert 38%
Custom made dental trays with teeth whitener Expert 38%
sbiancare i denti a casa
After 2 weeks every 3 days for 30 minutes administrations of Dr. Martin Schwarz Expert 38% gel e Bioscaling gel
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