The Abiby beauty box arrived for the first time in my house, a few days ago and I liked it very much. It is small and pretty and it has some very good products to discover. Let’s take a look together!Abiby beauty box

Abiby beauty box offers innovative beauty products, of national and international brands, some of which are not yet distributed in Italy. If like me, you are curious and always looking for the latest news for skincare and make up then you absolutely must have the Abiby beauty box, every month, at home. In this way you will always be up to date on all the beauty lines emerging in the world or not yet known in Italy.

Do you think that every Abiby beauty box is inboxed by hand, shipping is free, and if we fall in love with a product we can then buy it individually on the shop!

The value of each Abiby beauty box is around 90 euros!

There are two types of subscription: the monthly one (renewed every month) to € 29.90 a month or the half-year subscription (renewed every six months) to € 24.90 a month.

Every month the contents of the box will be inspired by the current season, the best way to be able to take care in a targeted way of face, body, hair and always have the most trendy make-up and fashion products!

My first Abiby beauty box is the one created for the month of August, the Relax days, designed for the holidays but above all to give us moments of well-deserved rest and well-being.

These are all the products I found in my beauty box:

– the De-Stress Roller Ball by Aromatherapy Associate London a precious vial containing essential oils of the highest quality such as incense, petitgrain, wild chamomile and rosemary. A concentrate of well-being for the body and especially for the mind that we can always carry with us;

– 3 make up products from Doucce, New York company: a mascara Punk Volumizer that also withstands moisture and 2 waterproof pencil eyeliner, with a velvety and semi-opaque finish;

– Monuskin Hydrating Moisturizer SPF15 a moisturizing and light face cream with sun protection 15 for all skin types.

Finally, in the Abibi beauty box Relax Days there was also a body lotion of the new Skin Care line launched by Terme di Saturnia. This exclusive product, not yet on the market, has been distributed as a tribute to the new August subscribers.

Houw could you not fall in love with the Abiby beauty box?

Try it and let me know.


Abiby beauty box

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Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

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