3 beauty products that really work

In these 72 (gasp) quarantine days, I had some spare time to take care of myself and I have discovered 3 beauty products that really work and that I want to share with you because I guarantee you that they work miracles!

beauty products that really workToday we are in full phase two: hairdressers and beauticians have reopened for the joy of all of us, only that in these 72 days I have had the opportunity to experiment a lot and I discovered 3 beauty products that really work and that I want to share with you because I think that female solidarity must always prevail.

I found them around on the web apart from a couple that were sent to me to try and sponsor and which, luckily for me, were exceptional.

But let’s go in order ….

What are the 3 beauty products that I have tried and that really work?

They are not in order of effectiveness but in photographic order.

In first place I put the eye and face filler cream of Officine Kosmetike‘s Revolution line, the best anti-wrinkle creams I have ever tried. Here you can read my review and more than 1 year later I confirm that I can no longer do without it and that I am anxious when I run out.

What benefits have I obtained with Officine Kosmetike creams? The most obvious effect is on the eyes: before I was equipped with two suitcases under the eyes and a pair of very drooping eyelids, today they are only a memory. I achieved this result in no time and it consolidated over the following months. You can see the before and after in this video, awesome right? When I look at it myself, I am amazed. The other improvement I saw on the nasogenic folds where they worked in synergy with the biostimulation pricks that I made.

In second place an incredible stroke of luck: I was looking for products on the web that could eliminate the double chin and redesign the contour of the jaw and I read the reviews on Amazon of the V-Chin Mask Anti-Age Anti-Aging Patch di Hodaf, masks to be applied on the chin and neck for 30 minutes.

Despite the positive reviews, I was extremely skeptical because removing double chins and redefining the jaw always requires aesthetic medicine.

And instead after only 2 applications, the turning point, I no longer have a double chin and the jaw line is again super regular. You have no idea when I’m happy, it was one of my biggest worries along with the bags under my eyes.

In third place the incredible beauty masks with aloe and alantoin by Hydriqueen. In a month they promised a smooth, toned and homogeneous skin so as to be able to abandon the foundation.

And, in my case, the promises have been kept. It is unbelievable, I have a skin that I have never had in my life. You can get them here and with the selvaggia_50 code you are entitled to a 50% discount. And now I have the anxiety that these too must be exhausted!

There are many products that do not keep what they promise

Personally I was disappointed by many products, in the past I had told you about Filorga products, good but not revolutionary. I have tried many other beauty products but never found any benefit. My prof. of dermatology he always told me that creams are not effective because they cannot reach the deep layer of the dermis where the fibroblasts reside.

Well I’m glad to be able to deny it, the 3 beauty products I told you about work well, probably by acting on the most superficial layers and ensuring skin hydration.

Now I miss a good hair product, one that helps me feed them since they are curly, dry and above all thick!

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