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Eccomi alle prese con una nuova disciplina: Strong by Zumba. A Rimini l’ho provato per voi…questo nuovo tipo di allenamento è stata una stupenda scoperta

Eccomi alle prese con una nuova disciplina: Strong by Zumba! Alla fiera del fitness a Rimini mi sono divertita molto ed il risultato è stato un allenamento di un’ora concentrato sulla attività fitness( burpees, squat e lunges a non finire in ogni classe) in stretto connubio con la musica.

“Quello che differenzia STRONG da Zumba da altri programmi in stile HIIT è il rapporto tra la musica e le mosse. Mettendo la musica al centro e contro un allenamento che è stato costruito in modo indipendente, si applica la scienza della motivazione musicale sincronizzata. Questo tipo di programma guidato da musica è quello che guida i partecipanti di classe a sfidare la loro soglia di fitness – è l’ultima esperienza di fitness “, ha dichiarato Dave Sibley, Managing Director di Zumba Fitness Europe, India e Russia.

Dopo il lancio negli Stati Uniti alla fine dell’anno scorso, STRONG di Zumba è ora immersa nel mercato dell’edilizia italiana, consentendo agli appassionati di fitness di frequentare uno dei numerosi corsi settimanali in rapida crescita forniti da istruttori qualificati in tutto il paese.


In a fitness industry first, STRONG by Zumba uses reverse-engineered music tracks to match every move in the class. The result is a one-hour workout that focusses on training to the tempo through a fully immersive group fitness experience.
Recent studies have shown that moving in sync with music allows the body to use energy more efficiently as well as distract people from pain and fatigue, elevate mood, increase endurance and promote metabolic efficiency. Participants of STRONG by Zumba are more likely to do more burpees, squats and lunges in each class, reaching their fitness and body transformation goals quicker.
Zumba have collaborated with Grammy award winning super producer, Timbaland, who has produced music exclusively for the programme’s launch, with plans afoot to collaborate with other music producers in due course.

“I was excited about the idea that a fitness brand approached exercise in a way that no-one has done before – a workout created where music is the main motivator”, said Timbaland. “They are using music in a way to maximise your workout, and I want to create music that inspires and pushes people past their limits. This has never been done before and STRONG by Zumba is going to change the perception of HIIT-inspired workouts.”

“What differentiates STRONG by Zumba from other HIIT-style programmes is the relationship between the music and the moves. By putting the music front and centre against a workout that has been built independently, we apply the science of synced music motivation. This type of music-led programme is what drives class participants to challenge their fitness threshold – it’s the ultimate fitness experience,” said Dave Sibley, Managing Director of Zumba Fitness Europe, India & Russia.

Following its launch in the US late last year to much acclaim, STRONG by Zumba is now firmly embedded in the Italian fitness marketplace, enabling fitness enthusiasts to attend one of a rapidly growing number of weekly classes delivered by qualified instructors around the country.

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Strong by Zumba

Strong by Zumba

Strong by Zumba


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